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Welcome to Fate!
This is an Eden Eternal guild whom is very active and includes very friendly members!
We always wish our members the best, so we are always happy to help them no matter
 what they need and/or want.
This site is under construction, so there is more yet to come!

We need YOU!
You can do a difference to our guild by helping us grow stronger!
You can help us by:

Doing guildquests in Aven (443, 358)
Posting guides and such on the forums
Being a friendly member
Being active on the site and In-Game
Donating gold to the guild fundings
Advertizing for the guild
Recruiting new members

Malice Run


xVitalityx, Jun 24, 11 4:05 PM.
Well. Since we all know there have already been 50 guild towns made, I've been thinking and decided that what's most important isn't to found a guild town, since we can get into the other towns as well. What's most important is to have fun as a guild, make a great logo as I think I have already made (lol <3) and to raid together. We don't have to be many. The less people in the guild, the more hardcore and unique we are. We get to know each other and we get to level up together faster and make the guild stronger as the brutal elite of Eden Eternal!
I suggest you read this. :) It helped me to think of all this:

Guild Photo

xVitalityx, Jun 22, 11 7:17 PM.
Everyone interested gather up in Aven by the Guild Master tomorrow at 4:00PM GMT +1 and let's take a guild photo! :D Please contact me if you would like us to change the time of the gathering.

Level 2!

xVitalityx, Jun 22, 11 4:22 AM.
We are now lvl 2 and officier rank is aviable!
Let's make a hurry for lvl 3, since that's where the magic will happen!

Guild Photo

Mini94, Jun 19, 11 12:43 PM.
I think maybe we can collect the entire guild and take some guild photo =)

guild leader must decide!



xVitalityx, Jun 18, 11 6:09 PM.
Contact Vitality, Mini94 or AxaT in game for a guild invite or do an application on the forum!
There are no upcoming events.
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